Justin Jones, Owner

Justin Jones, Owner

October 2018: Pastured pork packages now available!

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Who we are:

Jones Produce is small farm dedicated to quality food and ecologically beneficial agriculture.?We ?are proud to offer a variety of fine fruits and vegetables, grown here in Crete, Nebraska.

Jones Produce is owned and operated by Justin G. Jones. ?Justin?s great-great-great grandfather homesteaded in the area, and founded the original limestone quarries at nearby Roca, Nebraska. ?The family eventually moved west, but after growing up in rural New Mexico, and living in California where he developed his horticultural skills, Justin returned to his family?s Nebraska roots.

How we grow:

We build soil and manage our crops with organic and ecological?methods. ?Cover crops, compost, and crop rotations are the keys to making it all work.?No synthetic pesticides or fertilizers are used on the farm.

The farm is a diverse horticultural ecosystem, with cultivated fields and pasture areas interwoven with small ponds and fruit and nut tree plantings. The hilly glacial landscape dictates a careful placement of fields, windbreaks, and berms to conserve rain water and prevent erosion. ?We strive to encourage biodiversity on the farm, with an eye toward stability, beauty, and natural pest control.

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